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07/11/20 ❤ 18 textures 06/25/20 ❤ 1 brush 06/10/20 ❤ 3 brushes 05/22/20 ❤ 3 brushes ❤ 35 colors ❤ 3 cutouts 05/17/20 ❤ 17 brushes ❤ 6 colorings ❤ 5 cutouts ❤ 2 pattern psds

new layout


♥ new layout

Hi! Nothing to update right now, but Halloween content will be coming soon! (If you want to order Halloween content now would be the time). I've decided to upload this layout now because honestly? I'm so fucking proud of it. It turned out exactly how I saw it in my head, and is actually the idea I wanted to go with for the first layout. It's featuring Sonoya Mizuno, who is one of my favorite actresses, and I'm just so, so happy with it.

new update!


♥ 3 new brushes
♥ 35 new color schemes
♥ 3 new cutouts
Hello, this is just a lil update! I made some brushes inspired by Midsommar, which are probably my favorite thing I've created. There's also a new brush from Ajey! I've also made some color schemes and cutouts. Once I'm done with my own brush orders, I'll be taking a little time to go through all my old content so I can upload some of it (mostly object pngs, i have a ton of those). Let me know if there's something you want to see, and if you like smaller updates or would prefer really big ones.

hello friends


♥ 17 new brushes
♥ 6 new colorings
♥ 5 new cutouts
♥ 2 new patterns
hello! i've finally made a new site! I'm super proud of this layout, and tbh it's the only reason i actually decided to make this site. There's not a ton of content yet, but I'm working on more. I just felt like opening it today, so i did! I already plan to add stylesheets at some point, and I have more brushes and cutouts planned. I'm also probably going to upload some of my old content from caribbea and shorelines on here, so you have that to look forward to!

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